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BalGeunRyuk   Root growth, hair root enhancement! Concentrated culture fluid of Lactic acid bacteria, Yeast and Photosynthetic bacteria
Strong root supports strong agricultural business

BalGeunRyuk is specialized medicine for enhancing root regeneration and root growth

Characteristics of BalGeunRyuk
  • Hair root rooting enhancement (salt decomposing lactic acid bacteria)
  • Make the non-absorbable fertilizers into useable one
  • Prevent wilt and phytophthora-Increase resistance against bacteria
  • Decompose salts accumulated soli
  • Decompose and absorb ammonia
  • Concentrated fluid of lactic acid bacteria and yeast
  • Increase useful microbes
Usage of BalGeunRyuk in proper time
  • Accelerate root recovery during low temperature period
  • Accelerate rooting for transplanted gardening trees
  • Induce new roots of fruit tree during high temperature period
  • Accelerate rooting for crops at the time of first watering/showering after permanent plantation
  • Make the non-absorbable fertilizers around root into useable one
Proper Concentration for Application
  • Dilute 1 bottle(1.8 Liter) of BalGeunRyuk in 1000Liter of water and drench around root sufficiently.
The secret of good landscape management of famous country clubs - BalGeunRyuk treatment
Roots treated with BalGeunRyuk
Prevent fatigue of gardening trees, promote vitality
(Chungju CC BalGeunRyuk treatment)
Promote birth, breeding and
growth of lawn roots.
BalGeunRyuk   Promote rooting and new root, prevent aging
The marvelous changes in roots after BalGeunRyuk treatment

Drenching with BalGeunRyuk two times
- Retarded root aging

Drenching with
three times

- Continuous
nutrient absorption through thick roots

Nursery tree
After drenching with BalGeunRyuk three times, new root grew strongly full of pot
Chilli pepper
After drenching with BalGeunRyuk one time, new root appeared very fast
BalGeunRyuk Treatment
Photos of Chilli peppers cultivated after BalGeunRyuk treatment (Munmak)

Drenching with BalGeunRyuk three times
- Young pumpkin Marvelous hair root and new root growth even in the long narrow pot

Year 2004, Hobyub-Mun, Yicheon - BalGeunRyuk treatment Year 2005, Eumsung, Chungcheongbuk-Do - Watermelon
BalGeunRyuk   Prevent root aging, maintain power

Proper time for using BalGeunRyuk

After permanent plantin Drench two times at intervals of 7~10 days


Enhance rooting and prevent fatigue
Increase useful microbes
Enhance resistance to disease causing bacteria
Mr. In-hwan Sung: Samsung, Eunsung, Chungcheongbuk-Do
(Young nursery ginseng)
Mr. Ki-hwan Kim:
Sulsung, Yicheon (Tomato)
Middle period of growth Drench 2~3 times at intervals of 7-10 days


Induce flower sprouting
Accelerate fruit bearing
Increase useful microbes
Make soil to single grained structure (stabilizing fertilizer)
Mr. Yoon-chul Kim :
Shinheung, Jeju
Mr. Kwang-he Nam :
Sulsang, Yicheon, Kyunggi
Latter period of growth
- Drench two times at intervals of 7-10 days
When using restoration from root obstacle
- Drench 2~3 times at intervals of 3 - 4 days


• Enhance resistance to soil disease bacteria
• Prevent and restore from groqth fatigue
• Maintain hair roots
• Accelerate fruit fattening


• Control disease causing bacteria
• Improve nutrient absorption rate
• Growth of new hair root
• Induce balanced/safe absorption of fertilizer

Prevent Aging, maintain hair root
  • Drench with BalGeunRyuk two times - 400 times diluted solution
  • Bulgasari application one time
  • Spray over leaves
  • Even one month after permanent plantation of melon (Korean) , remaining nursery plants remains lively
  • Mr. Ki-tae Park Seongju, Gyungsangbuk-Do
  • Bulgasari melon (Korean) cultivation team - Chojeon, Seongju (Mr. suk-hwan Lee)
  • The best nursery melon (Korean) before permanent plantation - BalGeunRyuk treatment / After diluting 20cc of BalGeunRyuk and 15cc of Bulgasari in 20 liter of water and then drenched at the inverval 0f 3~5 days : the best nursery plant in low temperature period (early January)
Formation of hair roots 3 days after BalGeunRyuk treatment (Mr. Gwang-hoi Nam Strawberry) Strawberry - the flowers of third fruits are in full blossom at the fattening period of second fruits (Mr. Ik-Hyun Jeong, Chungju)


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